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Ecklipze – “The Purge EP” – Limited Edition Compact Disc

Ecklipze is set to follow up his massive debut single, “Breathe”, with a release that is sure to draw serious attention. “The Purge E.P.” consists of 6 tracks ranging from…


MuDa – “Down The Haze” – Limited Edition Compact Disc

MuDa is a producer from Milan, Italy. His production features the use of IDM soundscapes, wobbles, bass, and offbeat hip-hop rhythms to create a unique hybrid sound. His old school…


Reixtra – “Procrastination EP” – Limited Edition Compact Disc

Reixtra is a Ukrainian musician and dj who represents the deeper side of dubstep and garage by integrating ethereal ambience and field recordings into his productions. Reixtra has been known…