Diamond In The RoughECKLIPZE – “Diamond In The Rough EP” - TDUBSDIGI025
1. “Totality”
2. “Darkside”
3. “Let’s Get Turnt Up”
4. “Forget”
5. “Breathe (Trap Remix)”
6. “Icing On The Cake”
7. “Icing On The Cake (HLTR$KLTR Remix)”
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- “Diamond In The Rough” is the next step in the ever-evolving sound of Canadian music producer/dj, Ecklipze. Influences from Trap, Dubstep, and Big Room can be heard throughout the 6 original tracks featured on the release. As with all his previously released material, his signature “sound” is prominent in each song. Tracks such as “Let’s Get Turnt Up”, “Totality”, and “Icing On The Cake” have already gained heavy traction through early promo distribution. The EP also features a remix from rising star and studio genius, Miami’s HLTR$KLTR. HLTR$KLTR takes Ecklipze’s already anthemic Big Room House tune “Icing On The Cake” and transforms it into a festival destroying Trap track. The remix gained instant support from heavy hitters, Brillz, HXV, and Ape Drums.


ECKLIPZE – “Ultimate Terror” - TDUBSDIGI023
1. “Ultimate Terror”
2. “Ultimate Terror (Trap Edit)”
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- “Ecklipze is back with a follow-up to his excellent “The Purge E.P.” and is taking his sound to the Big Room. “Ultimate Terror” is a massive Electro House banger in the vein of some of the recent Spinnin’ Records and Dim Mak club anthems. Hard and heavy kick drums and dynamic lead lines all work together to build the track into a perfect peak time dancefloor weapon. Ecklipze also flips the original into an equally party-friendly Trap Edit. Fans of DJ Carnage, Luminox, and/or Slander will enjoy the “Ultimate Terror (Trap Edit)” as it is a full-on summer festival crowd destroyer.”


TDUBSDIGI022smCytomorph – “Touch The Dream EP” - TDUBSDIGI022
1. “Touch The Dream”
2. “Rip Up The Bass”
3. “The Harbingers”
4. “Are You Ready?”
5. “Touch The Dream (Ecklipze Remix)”
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– “After a painstaking studio process, Cytomorph is ready to unveil his debut EP. The “Touch The Dream EP” is a sonic assault from beginning to end. Filled with influences ranging from Electro House to Dubstep, all four original compositions are completely unique yet incredibly cohesive. Built upon solid frameworks, all tracks have complex arrangements and editing. Cytomorph’s studio mastery is highlighted in every track. This EP is a testament to Cytomorph’s dedication to crafting and shaping unique and groundbreaking electronic music.”


TDUBSDIGI021smMuDa – “Reboot/Coin Chewers” - TDUBSDIGI021
1. “Reboot”
2. “Coin Chewers”
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– “MuDa’s forthcoming single “Reboot/Coin Chewers” centers around a drum n bass framework and tempo. He is following up his excellent debut LP, “Down The Haze” which featured a sonic mash of glitch-hop, bass, IDM, soundscapes, etc. MuDa’s established audio engineering and studio mastery are prevalent again in these two new tracks which showcase a progression in his sound and a step into 170+ BPM territory. “Reboot” begins with a synth line that builds anticipation until an unexpected drop starts the warping and glitchy 140 BPM front end of the track. Midway through the track, the song deconstructs until the listener is left with only an atmospheric and breathy breakdown. The tempo starts to intensify until a second drop brings the tempo up to a frenzied 170+ BPM. With massive leads, crunchy drums, and glitched rhythms, “Reboot” shows that MuDa isn’t afraid to take risks in his production. “Coin Chewers” stays in the 170+ tempo and is a perfect compliment to the more harsh and choppy “Reboot”. Unique rhythms and epic melodies coupled with cutting edge sonics, “Coin Chewers” encourages the listener to visualize future worlds.”


TDUBSDIGI020smVarious Artists – “Suspended Animation: A Collection 2008-2013″
01. MuDa – “Down The Haze”
02. Nicolas Jakobsen feat. De’Aaron Williams – “Comfortable Silence”
03. ECKLIPZE – “Breathe”
04. DanCa feat. Cherie Harris – “Because Of You (Rampage Remix)”
05. Aquadrop feat. Vanelitne, Nahadi, Giorgio Campera, Michele Fagnani, Fabio Sanna – “Blue”
06. The Vision Project – “Aural Stereopsis”
07. Chas10 – “Moshum”
08. Thunderbird Juicebox feat. Verse – “Go Hard”
09. Radian – “I Need To Know”
10. El Rakkas – “Mass Erectile Dysfunktion”
11. The Golden Toyz – “Carnivao Tropicao”
12. J(ay).A.D – “I Got”
13. Iamseife – “Mad Loop”
14. MuDa – “Better Days”
15. The Vision Project – “Portrait For Emily”
16. Aquadrop feat. Vanelitne – “Waves”
17. BetaSP – “Juggernaut”
18. Reixtra feat. Kate Lem – “Lose Your Faith”
19. Nicolas Jakobsen – “Retort”
20. EDS – “Squeeze”
21. The Vision Project – “After Midnight”
22. Iamseife – “Power Of Soul (Wheez-ie Remix)”
23. TKR – “Miss U”
24. J Courage – “Clashback (BetaSP Remix)”
25. ECKLIPZE – “Certified”
26. The Vision Project – “Rain Delay”
27. Aquadrop – “iLICK U”
28. MonstR – “Irieality”
29. Cytomorph – “Let The Spot Get Blown”
30. Nicolas Jakobsen – “Dreamscape”
31. J Courage – “Too Deep (Original Instrumental)”
32. Reixtra feat. Margo Gontar – “Flowing Away (2-Step Mix)”
33. Chas10 feat. Merijn – “Sundays With Chrome (J Courage Remix)”
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– “Since its inception in 2007 and debut release in early 2008, Trenchant Dubs has always remained true to its mission of discovering innovative and forward-thinking electronic music. This compilation is a milestone release as it marks the 5 year anniversary of Trenchant Dubs. The collection includes some of the highlights of our extensive catalog as well as some new and unreleased material. As a label, we are grateful to have the opportunity to work with cutting edge music makers from all corners of the world. To date we have released music composed by artists from 11 different countries. It’s hard to believe that we are already over 30 releases deep and have been releasing music for over 5 years now. This collection is a testament to the dedicated producers, dj’s and musicians that have had a hand in creating our eclectic and diverse catalog.”


1. “Canadian Creatures”
2. “Blackout”
3. “Certified”
4. “The Purge”
6. “Congratulations! Welcome To The End”
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– “Ecklipze is set to follow up his massive debut single, “Breathe”, with a release that is sure to draw serious attention. “The Purge E.P.” consists of 6 tracks ranging from Trap and Dubstep to Drum ‘n Bass and Breaks. Although there is a variety of genres represented, the entire e.p. has a unique consistency as Ecklipze’s signature “sound” is stamped over every track included in the collection. From the uptempo drums and squelching synthesizer riffs of opening track “Canadian Creatures” to the gut-wrenchingly deep bass of “Congratulations! Welcome To The End”, there is no question that Ecklipze is on track to become a major player in the Electronic Dance Music scene.”


tdubsdigi018smJ(ay).A.D – “Evasion / Refuge EP” - TDUBSDIGI018
1. “Big Old Pistol”
2. “I Got”
3. “I Luv Myself”
4. “Spaceheads”
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– “Jason Raymann a.k.a. J(ay).A.D is a producer from Amsterdam, Netherlands. He was born and raised in Holland’s capital city. Eventually he relocated to the South American country of Suriname along the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Although it was a relatively rough life, he enjoyed every minute of his time abroad. Being actively involved in the regions’ Sound System culture fostered a deep appreciation and understanding of the importance of bass. Jason moved back to his birthplace in Amsterdam in 2006. He began producing a variety of electronic music under a handful of different aliases. His current sound is uptempo and frenetic and incorporates influences from Juke, Footwork, Grime, Dancehall, and Kaseko. The title “Evasion / Refuge E.P.” was chosen to reflect the time he spent in Suriname. The stories behind each track originated during this pivotal time in his life.


DOWN THE HAZE_artworkMuDa – “Down The Haze” - TDUBSDIGI017
1. “Down The Haze”  2. “TOOFOOZZY”  3. “Sunday Beat”  4. “Untitled #1”  5. “Green Lazers”  6. “Better Days”  7. “Joint One”  8. “Hideous Light” feat. David Shane Smith  9. “Untitled #2″  10. “HW!”  11. “Joint Two”  12. “The Floorstretch”  13. “Dusted”  14. “Trapz!”  15. “Joint Three”  16. “Dymes”  17. “Joint Four”  18. “Outro”
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– “MuDa is a producer from Milan, Italy. His production features the use of IDM soundscapes, wobbles, bass, and offbeat hip-hop rhythms to create a unique hybrid sound. His old school sensibility, expert production technique, and forward thinking beat creation come together to form the perfect soundtrack to the future. On “Down The Haze,” MuDa shows off his production mastery on this skillfully crafted Trenchant Dubs debut. The album is for the most part instrumental, with the exception of “Hideous Light” which features a vocal and lyrical collaboration with Brooklyn-based artist David Shane Smith. Although the majority of the individual tracks were designed to stand alone, the album is meant to be experienced from beginning to end, in order. The listener is guided through a hazy, smoke-filled maze of futuristic beats, bass, and atmosphere. “Down The Haze” comes  across as a glitchy, synth-heavy, experiment in modern sonic exploration.”



Reixtra – “Procrastination E.P.” - TDUBSDIGI016
1. “Lose Your Faith” feat. Kate Lem
2. “Omana VIP” feat. Olya Syonka
3. “Flowing Away (2-Step Mix)” feat. Margo Gontar
4. “Procrastination” feat. Olya Syonka & Kate Lem
5. “Omana VIP (Le Sang Remix)” feat. Olya Syonka
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– “Reixtra is a Ukrainian musician and dj who represents the deeper side of dubstep and garage by integrating ethereal ambience and field recordings into his productions. On his first release for Trenchant Dubs, Reixtra delivers an incredible 5-track e.p. of dark and haunting electronica that showcases his influences. All tracks feature female vocals, which add to the airy and reverberated texture of the recordings. The Procrastination E.P. is the first physical release for Trenchant Dubs, and is truly a magnificent piece of music from the beautiful first track “Lose Your Faith” through to the final vinyl crackle of Le Sang’s hard-driving techno-hybrid remix of “Omana VIP.”


1. “Breathe”
2. “Bullet”
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– “Kyle English p.k.a. ECKLIPZE is a producer from Vernon, British Columbia. He has already caught massive attention within the Dubstep community. His first single for Trenchant Dubs is a blazing, double a-sided single containing 2 expertly produced tracks. “Breathe” makes use of a vocal snippet to assist in building up the anticipation for the crushing drop. An arpeggiated synth melody and warping bassline combine to make this one a massive dancefloor smasher. “Bullet” uses a variety of synthesizer sounds to give the track great depth while staying true to its cutting edge sound. ECKLIPZE is an incredibly talented producer with unlimited potential. This pair of tracks only scratches the surface of what is to come.”


TDUBSDIGI014The Golden Toyz – “Carnivao Tropicao” – TDUBSDIGI014
1. “Carnivao Tropicao”
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- “Carnivao Tropicao” is the Trenchant Dubs debut from Milan, Italy’s The Golden Toyz. With influences ranging from Dutch House, UK Bass, and Electro, “Carnivao Tropicao” borrows the best bits from some of the most current high energy dance music and combines them into a rave anthem of epic proportions. Whether it’s a midday carnival street party or a late night set at a mega club, this track is guaranteed to create a party atmosphere. As a rising star in the electronic dance music scene, The Golden Toyz is on track to devastate dance floors wherever his music is played.”


Basic CMYKAquadrop – “Origin” – TDUBSELITE007
1. “Origin”
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– “In preparation for the summer festival season, Aquadrop created an especially unique and bouncy dance track. The title of the track is “Origin” and it was conceived with a single purpose…to move the crowd. Already hammering speakers on festival sound systems across Europe, Aquadrop’s “Origin” is the perfect summer banger. Twisted and warped steel drums add to the vibe of the track. With just enough room for each sound to breathe, Aquadrop proves again that less can most definitely be more. The overall “sound” of the track is warm and crystal clear yet has a punch that will translate perfectly anywhere from your earbuds to a massive festival sound system and everything in between.”


tdubsdigi013Cytomorph – “Let The Spot Get Blown” – TDUBSDIGI013
1. “Let The Spot Get Blown”
2. “The Rhythm Will Make You Go”
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– “It takes and exceptional artist to stand out in the wildly popular world of Electronic Dance Music. Midwest-based producer Cytomorph stands to do just that. His ability to build up a track using strings, pianos, and other instruments adds to the dramatic nature of his music. On his first release for the label, Cytomorph steps up the levels to provide a pair of floor-smashing dubstep monsters. Both tracks contain his signature style of dramatic builds and epic drops. These tracks are sure to get heads banging and necks snapping. Aggressive and upfront, Cytomorph’s sound stands apart from the recent crop of up-n-coming EDM producers, while sticking to the basic framework of some of the scene’s biggest players.”


tdubsdigi012Iamseife – “Power Of Soul” – TDUBSDIGI012
1. “Power Of Soul”
2. “Power Of Soul (Wheez-ie Remix)”
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– “Iamseife is back with his second release for Trenchant Dubs. This time he sticks with the Global Bass model, but injects a bit of Tropical vibes to create a warm and layered groove. Adding various percussive elements, multiple vocal snippets, and even a marimba melody, Iamseife’s production shows a maturity in his choice of sounds and the structure of the arrangement. Perfect for a sunny poolside party or a dark and sweaty club, “Power Of Soul” is a versatile and essential tune for both the playlist and the tracklist. The single is backed by a beat and bass odyssey courtesy of pioneering producer and dj, Wheez-ie. With releases across many labels including Well Rounded, Embassy, Freshmore, and Grizzly, Wheez-ie’s take on the track is a powerhouse of bass and sharply edited drums, strings and vocal stabs. Reminiscent of the early Metalheadz production of Goldie and Rob Playford, this track is not to be missed. A truly exceptional piece of modern dance music.”


trnchntdgtl005smDanCa feat. Cherie Harris – “Because Of You” – TRNCHNTDGTL005
1. “Because Of You”
2. “Because Of You (Rampage Remix)”
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– “Daniele Carmosino a.k.a. DanCa is an Italian-born, UK-based sound designer. He has created music for advertisements for high profile clients such as Nike, BMW, and MTV. On his first release for Trenchant Recordings, DanCa has created a dubstep/electro monster. Together with vocalist Cherie Harris and co-producer Toby Clark (ioi Productions), Daniele has delivered a track which showcases both their studio expertise as well as their exceptional songwriting ability. “Because Of You” is a powerful and emotional track that features the talents of UK vocalist Cherie Harris. All of the elements of the track come together to make the perfect crossover pop/dance single. Chicago dj/producer and member of the esteemed collective, Ghetto Division, DJ Rampage was brought in for the remix. Rampage twists the original into an incredible, bass-heavy 140bpm juke track. Rolling 808’s and reverberating synth stabs combine for full-on club/rave hysteria. “Because Of You” marks the next step in the progression of Trenchant Recordings. Without question, “Because Of You” is set to be a massive single.


ArtworkIamseife, Seth, Toome – “My Best” – TDUBSDIGI011
1. Iamseife – “Mad Loop”
2. Iamseife, Seth, Toome – “My Best”
3. Iamseife, Seth, Toome – “My Best (Aquadrop Remix)”
4. Iamseife, Seth, Toome – “My Best (J Courage Remix)”
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– “When it comes to bass music in Northern Italy, there’s only one party you need to know about. Dub Zoo is the crew, club night and brand behind the finest bass music in Milan. Crew members Iamseife, Seth, and Toome, are on the cutting edge of the sound that is currently creating a global phenomenon. Bass music combines elements of a variety of genres to create a bass-heavy, subwoofer-destroying  club sound. “Mad Loop” and “My Best” are great examples of the current state of Milan’s bass music scene. In addition to the amazing originals, the title track, “My Best” gets treated to a pair of incredible remixes. First, Trenchant Dubs’ top veteran producer, Aquadrop, takes a unique approach and dives far into deep house territory. Utilizing his incredible talent as a jazz musician, Aquadrop draws on his multi-instrumentalist production style to create a free-flowing house track which is as equally suited for the main room as it is for the after-hours party. On the other hand, J Courage’s take on the track has a much darker and sinister sound. Drawing on influences as wide-ranging as early Metalheadz releases to current acts such as Salem and †‡†, this sound seems to be defining his most recent remixes. This new breed of Italian producers are a welcome addition to a label which thrives on being eclectic and carving their own path.


tdubselite006smAquadrop feat. DeMaestro – “Deeper” – TDUBSELITE006
1. “Deeper”
2. “Deeper (Acoustic Zen Version”
3. “Deeper (J Courage Remix)”
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– “Aquadrop takes another step forward with his latest release for Trenchant Dubs. It has never been a question whether this accomplished musician from Milan can make a wicked, warped, and wobbly bass track. Fortunately, he has continued to take the time to indulge in the freedom of musical expression, where only his keen ear and unique production style allow him to keep evolving as an artist. “Deeper” is a next step for Aquadrop as well as a welcome addition to Trenchant Dubs’ ever-growing collection of eclectic electronic music. The title track seamlessly blends a multitude of influences, which combine jazzy piano stylings with a glitchy and off-kilter drum pattern. As deep and dense a track as he has ever produced, “Deeper” displays Aquadrop’s knack for creating otherworldly atmospheres. The Acoustic Zen version removes the percussive elements to showcase the organic vs. synthetic basis for the song. J Courage’s remix utilizes some of the main elements to create a lush, Post-Grime track, somewhere along the lines of Terror Danjah vs. Balam Acab.”


tdubselite005smJ Courage feat. Shizzle – “Too Deep (Aquadrop Remix)” – TDUBSELITE005
1. J Courage feat. Shizzle – “Too Deep (Aquadrop Remix)”
2. Aquadrop – “The Owl (Riddim)”
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– “Too Deep” was originally composed and recorded by J Courage in 2005. The riddim was sent to a small list of dj’s but it quickly spread to all corners of the globe via dubplate, mp3, and eventually 12” vinyl. It is one of the most important Grime tracks to be released from America. An easily distinguished track with its cold rolling drum beat, distorted guitar riff, and trumpet and trombone blasts, “Too Deep” received play in countless Grime and early Dubstep sets and mixtapes. Now in 2011, Italian producer Aquadrop provides a much needed breath of life back into this classic Grime track. Aquadrop turns the once stark and hollow tune into a high-energy Afro-Bass monster. Using his “Owl Riddim” as the basis for the remix, Aquadrop’s take on the tune seems to be a slightly different direction from his recent output yet still remains very club-friendly and unmistakably Aquadrop.


phonosynthesisJ Courage – “Phonosynthesis” – TRNCHNTCD01
1. “Polar”  2. “Chicago”  3. “Too Deep” feat. Shizzle  4. “Rattler”  5. “Clashback”  6. “Future Funk”  7. “Spraycan”  8. “Untitled 1″  9. “It’s Nothing” feat. Xploder  10. “Switch”  11. “Guardian”  12. “Chicago (Bombaman Remix)”  13. “Chicago (Suburban Soundbwoy Remix)”  14. “Clashback (BetaSP Remix)”  15. “Clashback (Suburban Soundbwoy Remix)”  16. “Too Deep (Juju Remix)”
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– “Phonosynthesis” is an artist album that is meant to showcase the highlights of Chicago based producer J Courage’s Grime and Dubstep productions. This release is also meant to close the chapter on his original work under this alias. He currently has a new project underway. Details on the new project will be available soon. As the head of Trenchant Recordings and Trenchant Dubs, his efforts continue to be split between the business side of running the label, as well as his artist/producer duties. This album showcases some of the most influential American Grime music released from the United States. Tracks such as “Too Deep” featuring East London MC, Shizzle, were much more popular in the UK than at home in The States as Grime struggled to make an impact. Most fans of the track were surprised to learn that it was produced by an American in The United States. Championed by influential DJ’s from Nasty Crew, NuBrandFlexxx, Creepers, and East Connection, J Courage’s early Grime productions were familiar to many throughout the UK scene. Later Dubstep productions such as “Chicago” received radio and club play including play on the legendary RinseFM. This collection serves as a snapshot of early American Grime and Dubstep from the man behind the Trenchant labels. J Courage will continue to push the boundaries of modern electronic music as his latest project embodies the spirit of many of the genres he has helped deliver to the masses.


Aquadrop-iLick_UAquadrop – “iLICK U” – TDUBSELITE004
1. “iLick U”
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– “iLICK U” sees Milan’s Aquadrop at his innovative best. Widely known for his heavy dance-floor smashing dubstep tracks, Aquadrop’s recent productions for Trenchant Dubs have taken on a direction which has been largely unexplored. Warm analog synthesizers and glitchy Gameboy effects meld together into a seamless slab of funk loosely grounded in his signature dubstep format.”

“Following on from his most excellent Aurora Borealis LP on Eight:FX last year, Italian Aquadrop tunes right in to his Night Slugs meets Hessle Audio vibes in this next venture on Trenchant Dubs. Exploring new territory, “iLICK U” is a future garage driven number with analogue synths in a Joker/Joy Orbison/Girl Unit style and glitchy beats running over reverbed vocal snatches. It certainly makes for interesting listening and is a track that ticks all the boxes. With a wide reaching appeal, expect to hear a lot more of this one in the coming months.”  –  Juno Download


TDUBSELITE003smAquadrop – “Blue / No Competition” – TDUBSELITE003
1. “Blue” feat. Vanelitne, Nahadi, Giorgio Campera, Fabio Sanna, and Michele Fagnani
2. “No Competition” feat. Long John Silver
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- “Aron Airaghi a.k.a. Aquadrop continues to make his mark on the Dubstep and Bass Music scene with a sound that is becoming increasingly popular and recognizable. What people may not know is that he is also an accomplished jazz musician. When he was going into the studio to record his latest single for Trenchant Dubs, I asked him to make a vocal track that was organic and had some live instrumentation. “Blue” is the track that emerged from this session. “Blue” is a track like no other in that there is nothing holding it to any specific genre. Glitchy samples and skittering percussive sounds lay a loose framework in which the vocals are allowed to become the prominent feature for the front section of the track. The second half of the tune continues the rhythmic framework and leaves room for the expressive sounds of Milanese musicians Michele Fagnani, Giorgio Campera, and Fabio Sanna. “Blue” features collaborative vocalist Vanelitne singing the main vocal, along with Nahadi singing the incredible vocal harmony. Giorgio Campera adds flavor with the Hammond organ while Fabio Sanna puts depth and character to the track with his free form trumpet parts. Michele Fagnani’s 1978’s Gibson guitar sounds jazzy and silky smooth through a rare vintage Fender Twin amplifier. All instruments were recorded live at Icarus studios, Milan, Italy. For fans of Nosaj Thing, Four Tet, Joy Orbison or Mount Kimbie, “Blue” takes the deepest electronic sounds and manipulation and pairs it with live jazz instrumentation to create a sound that is undeniably fresh and nearly impossible to resist.”


trnchnt002aThunderbird Juicebox – “The Bugout E.P.” – TRNCHNTDGTL004
1. “Go Hard” feat. Verse
2. “Go Hard” feat. Verse (DJ Hi$tory Remix)
3. “Murda Style”
4. “Mixed Girl” feat. Kola VI
5. “Hadoken” feat. Kola VI
6. “Keep It Simple”
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– “Baltimore Club is hotter than ever. Thunderbird Juicebox (a.k.a. Jared Fite) is at the forefront of a fresh crop of Baltimore producers treading new territory by blending the classic Bmore sound with new influences ranging from Fidget to Electro and Hyphy. His production has been previously featured on collaborations with legendary Baltimore Club MC/DJ/producer Diamond K. Thunderbird Juicebox or TBJB, has been able to maintain a cult following by consistently working up bootleg remixes of some of the biggest club anthems as well as up-n-coming underground artists. Recently, TBJB released a mixtape titled “30 Minute Bugout Session” to celebrate his forthcoming release on Trenchant Recordings. The mixtape was continuously mixed and covers 30 tracks in 30 minutes, each produced or remixed by Thundebird Juicebox. His heavy work ethic has earned him regular DJ spots at Club Sonar in Baltimore as well as various warehouse and house parties from up and down the East Coast all the way to Las Vegas. Recent gigs have seen turntables replaced with a laptop and midi controllers as the live production out-maneuvers and overpowers the average DJ set. This is one of the many elements that brings Thunderbird Juicebox from being a veritable unknown to your favorite DJ’s biggest threat.”


tdubselite002smAquadrop – “Brukout” – TDUBSELITE002
1. “Brukout”
2. “Waves” feat. Vanelitne
3. “Beautiful Girls”
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- “Aquadrop’s recently rise in popularity may be due to a lot of different variables. Having a track included on Starkey’s recent mix for Self-Titled Magazine, or getting hype (and plays) from El-B, surely doesn’t hurt. Beyond the buzz and recent exposure is the main ingredient to Aquadrop’s recent rise in profile – the tracks. Aquadrop has a keen sense for finding what works. This new single is a perfect example. “Brukout” is a floor-smashing 4×4 bassline track. Many of his signature elements are here in one form or another. Warping bass, punchy and present drums and a filtered vocal loop create a pounding high-energy peak time tune. “Waves” on the other hand is a chilled-out groove featuring sweet and beautiful vocals from Italy’s Vanelitne. “Waves” has a great sing-song chorus, and could be considered as a perfect summer soundtrack. Finally, “Beautiful Girls” takes another step forward in Aquadrop’s recent direction of dubstep/2-step crossover. All the tracks included here are solid and well produced and show that this young producer shows no signs of settling for average, but rather continues to constantly push himself further.

“Some full-on mentalist bassline magic from Italian producer Aquadrop, who goes wild on the excellent “Brukout” sounding like A1 Bassline after 19 espresso coffees! Swapping beats, chopping up vocals fearlessly and piling synths on top of each other makes for a huge amount of fun, and the half-step pop of “Waves” backs it up perfectly. The gorgeously screwed vocoder vocals of “Beautiful Girls” rounds it off in style – fierce and frenetic fun all round!  –  Juno Download


tdubsdigi010smVarious Artists – “Bloodlines E.P. – TDUBSDIGI010
1. J Courage – “Polar”
2. EDS – “Squeeze”
3. Subvader – “Y’all Can’t Handle Me”
4. Aquadrop – “Sun And Numbers”
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- “Trenchant Dubs hits a milestone with the release of The Bloodlines E.P. This is the 10th release from the label. This e.p. was meticulously curated and assembled by label head J Courage. It is admittedly his greatest accomplishment to date. J Courage’s own opening track “Polar” takes the listener on a trek across a frozen arctic landscape. A cold and stark beat builds pressure and keeps the track moving along. This sort of progressive dubstep-inspired track is the perfect introduction to the rest of the e.p. Next, Portugal’s EDS brings some heavy atmospheric soundscapes and glitchy skittering beats to the forefront, leaving plenty of room for the throbbing sub-bass underneath. This is another next-level production, which stays outside the formula of a standard dubstep track, yet utilizes many of the elements commonly found in some of the genres most popular songs. Bringing the vibe up a notch is young upcoming American producer, Subvader. He uses distorted bass and vocal samples to build the excitement and then drops the hammer on any unsuspecting listener. “Y’all Can’t Handle Me” is perfectly suited for the heavier dj’s, yet keeps with the non-traditional theme of the rest of the e.p. Finally, Italy’s hottest producer, Aquadrop, delivers a tune which sets him apart from other current producers. “Sun And Numbers” is a naturally building, perfectly produced song and makes for the perfect close to the e.p. His keen sense for sequencing a track has lead him to a creation that should call even further attention to his talent as a musician. The Bloodlines E.P. is definitely a celebration of not only the outer reaches of dubstep, but rather electronic music in general. It should be a good indication of the scope of talented international musicians all creating incredible and cohesive music while still showcasing a freedom in their personal forms of expression.”


tdubselite001smAquadrop – “If You Can’t – TDUBSELITE001
1. “If You Can’t”
2. “Nah Fuck Wit Mi Synthesizers”
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- “From the first listen to Italian producer Aquadrop’s latest creation, “If You Can’t”, there was no question but to start a new series titled Trenchant Dubs Elite. This track is another perfect example of why Aquadrop is not only a great beat-maker, but an accomplished musician as well. The arrangement on this song takes bouncy neo-garage flavored drum patterns and injects enough funk and soul to provide the potential for anthem status. Aquadrop definitely shows that he is “Putting The Soul In The Music He Makes.” Without a doubt his hottest track to date, and definitely one to watch. Next level business. The single is backed by a wonky analog synthesizer symphony in the form of a track titled “Nah Fuck Wit Mi Synthesizers.” This is a perfect balance to the flip side showcasing another dimension to Aquadrop’s wicked production style. Elite status, we think so.”


tdubsdigi009smBetaSP – “Bacteria EP – TDUBSDIGI009
1. “Bacteria”
2. “Bacteria (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)”
3. “Juggernaut”
4. J Courage – “Clashback (BetaSP Remix)”
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- “Trenchant Dubs continues its pursuit to discover unusual and eclectic dubstep oriented dance music. This time the focus is on hot new producer BetaSP. The tracks on this release dive straight into bass territory, with the title track “Bacteria” leading the charge. “Bacteria” is a warping 4/4 pulse-pounder which leans as much towards bands like All Teeth And Knuckles, as it does to the fringe bass music splinter of dubstep. Chrissy Murderbot provides the perfect floor-filling remix for this track. His version brings all the rave elements into full effect with its whistles and footwork/juke influence. “Juggernaut” is a well-produced genre-bending odyssey which does as much damage on the floor as it does in the headphones. Finally, the big surprise here is BetaSP’s remix of J Courage’s classic grime beat “Clashback”. He takes the track and brings it right into the moment without missing a note. This remix has been gaining a lot of attention and has been featured in recent sets from its creator bringing club-goers to the booth for a track I.D. Definitely a tune to watch. Trenchant Dubs continues to up its game by bringing something different and exciting for listeners to sink their teeth into.


tdubsdigi008smMonstR – “Irieality / Come On Mate – TDUBSDIGI008
1. “Irieality”
2. “Come On Mate”
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- “MonstR a.k.a. DJ Absurd is without question, one of the hardest working dj’s/producers in the French music scene. Having played alongside some of the biggest artists in Grime, Dubstep, and Bassline, MonstR continues to push his signature sound all across Europe. For his first release for Trenchant Dubs, MonstR takes his usual, club-friendly production technique and magnifies it. “Irieality” is an all-out dub influenced, four-to-the-floor skanker. Wah guitar riffs and organ melodies make this about as organic sounding as a dubstep track can get. The stomping 4×4 beat paired with the speaker shaking dub bassline, makes this a fierce floor-filling club track. “Irieality” has definitely got “party-vibes” written all over it. “Come On Mate” takes the same approach to creating dance-floor mayhem, but substitutes the organic instrumentation for a much darker and twisted pallet. The bassline on this track is so completely warped that it’s difficult to describe. As blatantly dark dubstep tracks go, this one is sure to fit in with any set. There are nice builds and drops to keep the ravers on their toes. The heavy kicks and snares come alive in the mix giving the perfect backbeat to the distorted rhythms layered on top. Perfectly blended and wickedly absurd.


tdubsdigi007smJ Courage – “Chicago – TDUBSDIGI007
1. “Chicago”
2. “Chicago (Suburban Soundbwoy Remix)”
3. “Chicago (Bombaman Remix)”
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- “J Courage marks his return to Trenchant Dubs with what could possibly their biggest release to date. Paying homage to the city that fostered his love for dance music, J Courage’s “Chicago” is nothing less than a testament to his roots in electronic music. As a somewhat non-traditional take on dubstep, this track delivers all the right elements to create a perfect storm of dancefloor hysteria. With throbbing sub bass, driving synthetic siren sounds, and an unforgettable glitchy hi-pitched melody, this track will be hard to forget even after leaving the club. To make sure all bases are covered for this single, a pair of remixes are also available. The Suburban Soundbwoy Remix (J Courage’s more house inspired alter-ego), draws influence from the warping and distorted basslines of fidget as well as displaying elements of electro house. To complete the formula, he adds in a nice sliced breakbeat and voila…you’ve got a 130bpm club banger. To finish off the tracklisting, Bombaman’s massive remix of “Chicago” finally sees a release. Bombaman has included this track in many of his recent live sets as well as in mixes for Media Contender and LoDubs. In typical Bombaman tradition, only a small portion of the original was used in the remixing of this track. He takes the rest of the sounds in a direction so frenetic and methodical it can only be his own style. Absolutely incredible!


tdubsdigi006smRadian – “I Need To Know / Gepthermal – TDUBSDIGI006
1. “I Need To Know”
2. “I Need To Know (Olin’s 11AM Remix)”
3. “Geothermal”
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- “There is no question that with the release of TDUBSDIGI006, Trenchant Dubs is taking the current direction into the deeper side of dubstep to the next level. Russia’s Radian is at the controls for this pair of expertly produced tracks. “I Need To Know” has a quality that is both dancefloor capable as well as being a great track for a listen in the headphones. Punchy drums and a spatial atmosphere give the track the depth it needs to keep a fully dimensional sound. Completing the instrumentation are the warm bass notes that become the backbone of this already massive tune. Olin a.k.a. Thunderous Olympian is called in again for the remix duties. Clocking in at over 11 minutes, Olin’s 11AM Remix of “I Need To Know” has become another marathon of impeccably arranged and deftly crafted tech-house. This track must be experienced on a good sound system to be fully appreciated. Finally, the neo-garage inspired “Geothermal” rounds out the release. This track proves that Radian’s keen ability to keep within his signature style while using elements that keep his production on the cutting edge is a formula that should remain relevant in a genre that seems to evolve by the hour.


tdubsdigi005smTKR – “Miss U – TDUBSDIGI005
1. “Miss U”
2. “Miss U (Thunderous Olympian’s Luv U Mix)”
3. “Lunar Phase”
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- “TKR has been making a name for himself for years in the thriving German Drum ‘n Bass, and Dubstep scenes. He began his music career as a dj, and he later switched his attention to producing. This single is a testimonial to why he is rising quickly in the scene. “Miss U” is an epic piece of techno-inspired dubstep. Clocking in at over eight minutes, this dark and ethereal track builds slowly with breathy textures and synth stabs. “Lunar Phase” on the other hand, is anchored around its skippy 2-step beat patterns and enourmous bass pulses. This is another nice atmospheric tune with lots of space in the mix. TKR’s sense for utilizing the main elements of his songs makes for somewhat simplistic, yet beautifully listenable and fulfilling music. Thunderous Olympian has been called in for the remix duties for “Miss U”. His quickly building momentum in Chicago’s techno scene made him the perfect candidate to put a true techno spin on the original. “Thunderous Olympian’s Luv U Remix” captures the deep side of the original and exposes the raw elements of the tune. Trenchant Dubs are sticking with the techno side of Dubstep for the moment, and have found a great niche in bringing out some of the deep artists of the genre. Listen Loud.


tdubsdigi004smEl Rakkas – “Window Liquor / Mass Erectile Dysfunktion – TDUBSDIGI004
1. “Window Liquor”
2. “Mass Erectile Dysfunktion”
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- “El Rakkas have a knack for creating rhythmic patterns from unconventional sounds, samples and ultra-low bass frequencies. Upon first listen, there is no mistaking that this is ChristoFX & Raz Marty at their finest. Their influences range from techno and minimal to dub, and it shows in their production. They are able to weave intricate drum and synth patterns like no other producers in the dubstep scene. This pair of tracks will fit in nicely with the current sounds coming from Scuba, Sigha, or other outstanding artists emerging from the techno and dub-inspired side of the genre. With material forthcoming on Echodub, LoDubs, and Surface Tension, it looks as though Trenchant Dubs has hit the mark again with this excellent example of El Rakkas’ production mastery.


trnchntdgtl003smJ Courage feat. Xploder – “It’s Nothing – TRNCHNTDGTL003
1. “It’s Nothing”
2. “It’s Nothing (Acapella)”
3. “It’s Nothing (Instrumental)”
4. “Switch”
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- “Trenchant Recordings’ resident producer and label boss, J Courage, has found the perfect vocalist for his latest genre-hopping Grime/Hip-Hop hybrid. East London’s Xploder is as enthusiastic and professional as he is talented. As a prominent figure in East London’s Grime scene, Xploder is a member of the Highly Rated Camp, and is no stranger to the vocal booth. Previous appearances on BBC 1XTRA, Kiss FM, and Radio 1 and various videos on Channel U have been some of the steps which have helped to season this hungry artist.  The result of this collaboration is a slick and polished single confidently titled “It’s Nothing.” Xploder uses a hint of the “auto-tune” effect on the chorus to craft a perfect “sing-along” hook which should soon be heard stirring up the streets from London to Chicago. This single has the potential to catapult both the vocalist and producer to the next level. Keep an eye out for these two rising stars.


tdubsdigi003smChas10 feat. Merijn – “Sundays With Chrome – TDUBSDIGI003
1. “Sundays With Chrome”
2. “Original Badboys”
3. “Sundays With Chrome (J Courage Remix)”
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- “It seems that over the cold and dark winter, Chas10 and vocalist Merijn may have created a summer anthem. Blending atmospheric horn swashes and sampled echoes, “Sundays With Chrome” is a perfect tune to help celebrate the warm summer sunshine. The drums are punchy and precise and leave enough room for the big bassline to resonate. Merijn’s vocals are a perfect compliment and really help bring the tune to life. J Courage is on duty for the remix which takes the original to a completely different place. This version takes you back to LTJ Bukem’s “Demon’s Theme” or Nicky Blackmarket’s “Geese Toon” with its live breakbeat samples and seagull calls. Many of the original elements are present, yet the chopped drum pattern helps to create a slightly more organic feel. Between the horns, vocals, crashing waves, and massive bassline, this seems like another perfect recipe to add to a relaxing summer soundtrack. The bonus tune here is “Original Badboys” and is a standard Chas10 banger. Nice skippy beats and a melodic lead, give this one a nice dancefloor sensibility.  Chas10 really hits the mark here on his second release for Trenchant Dubs. Watch out for these tunes heating up speakers everywhere, just in time for summer.


trnchntdgtl002smJ Courage – “Clashback EP – TRNCHNTDGTL002
1. “Clashback”
2. “Clashback (Suburban Soundbwoy Remix)”
3. “Future Funk”
4. “Untitled 1″
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- “J Courage is, without a doubt, one of the most influential figures in the American Grime scene. He has received attention and praise worldwide for his previous catalog of material, and this E.P. is no different. “Clashback” intentionally draws influence from early Grime “clash riddims” while keeping current with the sound. It’s uptempo claps and pulsating bassline compliment the horn and string stabs. The production leaves just enough room for mc’s to drop their 8 or 16 bars over this track. Next is the “Clashback” (Suburban Soundbwoy Mix). J Courage uses his Suburban Soundbwoy alias to take this tune to the Garage rave with a Bassline remix. This track is a bit more frantic with it’s updated bass and stomping 4×4 beats. Dj’s should see this as a perfect crossover track in a Grime/Bassline/Garage set. “Future Funk” comes over as a futuristic slow jam. Although this tune still spins at around 138 bpm, it has a half speed drum pattern. There is a natural ebb and flow that makes it a nice listener with enough street edge to make it extremely relevant in a club or mixtape scenario. Finally, “Untitled 1″ is a sure-fire banger. Already receiving play on the pirates as well as online radio from the likes of N.A.S.T.Y. Crew’s Dj Mesheck Nasty, and Nu Brand Flexxx’s Dj Sketch’E, it even received a mashup treatment from Chrissy Murderbot featuring an acappella vocal of “Say My Name” from Destiny’s Child. This tune will get any club hyped, and any dancefloor moving. J Courage has a sense for creating bangin’ club tracks that keep a melodic and musical edge, and this E.P. is no exception.


tdubsdigi002smChas10 – “Daybreaker EP – TDUBSDIGI002
1. “Daybreaker”
2. “Moshum”
3. “Seventeen27″
4. “Submallet”
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- “Hailing from The Netherlands, Chas10 is an emerging star in the eclectic Dutch dubstep scene. Sam De Bruijn a.k.a. Chas10 has a unique ability to vary his sound. Over the four tracks that make up the “Daybreaker E.P.” he manages to represent different styles while keeping a cohesive vibe. “Daybreaker” is a dark and moody dancefloor banger. Influences range from dancehall to drum ‘n bass on this title track. “Moshum” is a sort of techno inspired roller, and is quickly becoming a favorite amongst dj’s. This formula is also present in some of his current productions, so watch out for more tunes like this. “Seventeen27″ is an undeniable floor-smasher. Simple lines and a massive sub-bass, make this one a real crowd-pleaser. Finally, “Submallet” rounds out the E.P. with more rolling vibes, and a nice break. Again, on the darker side, this tune can fit in comfortably in a casual listening or club environment. Versatile, eclectic, and solid, just a few ways to describe the man responsible for Trenchant Dubs second release.


tdubsdigi001smJ Courage – “Too Deep Remix – TDUBSDIGI001
1. “Too Deep (Juju Remix)”
2. “Rattler”
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- “The mighty Juju takes J Courage’s “Too Deep” into dub-drenched, sub-destroying territory on this first digital release from Trenchant Dubs. There’s no question this track was made with the dancefloor in mind. Juju’s bassline is guaranteed to rumble the bass bins and tweak the mains on any sound system that can handle it. A perfect example of purely minimal and effective dubstep. Stripped to the bare essentials, Juju has crafted a remix perfectly suited for any dancefloor.


trnchntdgtl001smJ Courage – “Too Deep EP – TRNCHNTDGTL001
1. “Too Deep” feat. Shizzle
2. “Too Deep (Acappella)”
3. “Too Deep (Original Instrumental)”
4. “Guardian”
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- “This groundbreaking single features J Courage’s instantly recognizable underground anthem, “Too Deep.” After making the rounds on dubplate, this classic beat has been paired with one of the UK’s top MC’s, the inimitable Shizzle. “Too Deep” proves that Trenchant’s formula of Trans-Atlantic collaborations can result in a seamless integration of cultures and musical interpretation.