J(ay).A.D’s “Evasion / Refuge EP” is out now!

Jason Raymann a.k.a. J(ay).A.D is a producer from Amsterdam, Netherlands. He was born and raised in Holland’s capital city. Eventually he relocated to the South American country of Suriname along the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Although it was a relatively rough life, he enjoyed every minute of his time abroad. Being actively involved in the regions’ Sound System culture fostered a deep appreciation and understanding of the importance of bass. Jason moved back to his birthplace in Amsterdam in 2006. He began producing a variety of electronic music under a handful of different aliases. His current sound is uptempo and frenetic and incorporates influences from Juke, Footwork, Grime, Dancehall, and Kaseko. The title “Evasion / Refuge E.P.” was chosen to reflect the time he spent in Suriname. The stories behind each track originated during this pivotal time in his life.

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